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UMAT Online

$5000Single Payment
  • Light-weight and flexible. This comprehensive, yet concise online series is perfect for students who want fast and effective preparation on a budget.
  • 2 Hours of video tutorials (originally an 8 hour workshop, compressed with video editing)
  • UMAT Guide of strategies and techniques for practice and test-taking
  • Extensive list and breakdown of strategies and techniques to take away
  • Tips from historical trends to do well in UMAT
  • Section-specific strategies and theories
  • Question dissections
  • 35 custom-created practice questions
  • Excellent complementary course to the UMAT Workshop

UMAT Workshop

$12000Single Payment
  • Single-day intensive workshop. For students who prefer face-to-face, interactive preparation.
  • 6-hour workshop
  • 100th Percentile tutor (>95th percentile in every section)
  • 155 custom-created practice questions
  • Section-specific strategies
  • Critique and feedback during the workshop
  • Timed, test-condition mini practice simulation
  • Excellent complementary service to UMAT Online
  • Each workshop stream limited to 40 students

Private Coaching

5000Per hour
  • Tailored support for students who want more hands-on, individualised guidance for UMAT preparation
  • Industry-leading tutor training and evaluation
  • Top percentile UMAT tutors
  • Access to practice question bank
  • Tailored feedback and problem solving
  • Substitute or complement service for UMAT Online or the UMAT Workshop