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This purchase offers the best value for money in the JTT service line. It is an exclusive, limited time, limited space offer to reward early-adopter students. The UltraSaver includes:

  • BIOSCI 107 Video Tutorials – Full Semester access for free
  • CHEM 110 Video Tutorials – Full Semester access for free
  • POPLHLTH 111 Video Tutorials – Full Semester access for free
  • MEDSCI 142 Video Tutorials – Full Semester access for free (if purchased during an active UltraSaver membership)
  • Accelerator Classes – Free entry for all standard Accelerators (normally 2 hours per week, per core paper; total 6 hours per week)
  • Practice Test and Reviews– Heavy discounts on all special classes such as Practice Test and Review sessions
  • UMATOnlineSeries – Full access
  • Interview/MMI Course – Guaranteed seating and 80% discount for the extremely popular Early Stream MMI Course, including the end-of-year MMI Simulation

Limited to the first 40 students

IMPORTANT: Please read the details below. Cancellation of this subscription will terminate access to future services immediately.

Our philosophy is to put students first and money second; we believe all students should have access to uncompromising support in their first year. The UltraSaver offers a 35% discount on our already market-leading prices, split across 28 weeks to make it more affordable.

The UltraSaver subscription extends for 28 weeks in total. If purchased at the beginning of the year, the payments will end approximately halfway through Semester 2. You will still retain access for eligible services/products until the rest of the year, completely for free and without continuing payments.

If you choose to cancel your UltraSaver, you will immediately lose free access to any services or parts of services you would normally have access to. After cancelling, you will be required to pay full price on any services you wish to attend. This includes any classes or videos. Subscriptions cancelled after the early-stream workshop will require you to pay the full price of the workshop in order to access the in-semester interview coaching and end-of-year MMI Simulation, which are included in the MMI course. Subscriptions which cancel automatically due to multiple failed payments are also not renewable and are treated as a deliberate cancellation.

Note: Based on average spending of students, it is highly unlikely that you would spend more on the UltraSaver than without. This is true even if not all the services are utilised, and not all tutorials are attended.

For any further queries, please email justin@justinthetutor.com


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