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Premium Affordable Tutoring for Charity

We cut into our profits to make top-tier tutoring affordable for students.

  • Created by Justin Sung – a senior medical student who has guided hundreds of students into healthcare degrees.
  • Non-Profit – 100% of our profit goes to charity
  • Excellent training – our tutors are trained specifically for first-year teaching by a certified professional

Our students were 5 times more likely to enter medical school

Justin is a supremely competent tutor, and his no frills approach makes it really worthwhile. He knows OLY1 like the back of his hand, and will have you feeling confident in no time. Would definitely recommend!
Ann Wu, Read More
It’s been a privilege to have Justin as a tutor through my pre-med academic year. His teaching style is especially effective, largely focusing on conceptual understanding rather than memorisation, which greatly assists in coping with the content overload as present within pre-med. Not only this, Justin goes above and beyond what is expected of a tutor, offering first-class explanations to any questions you may have, at any time of day…
…I often found myself underestimating the paper, overlooking important points and having a lack of motivation, but also being put back on track by Justin; the only thing left to do was put in the hard yards at home…
Very high yield for cost, extremely helpful and no alternative motive as this is a NFP organization
Anonymous, Read More

What We Offer


Accelerator Classes

Video Tutorials

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Scholarship Opportunities

If you’re from a low decile high school, you qualify for our scholarship for free and subsidised tutoring.



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